Source code for ps_alchemy.resources

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# vim:fenc=utf-8
# Copyright © 2015 uralbash <>
# Distributed under terms of the MIT license.

Provide SQLAlchemy resource for pyramid_sacrud.
from zope.interface import implementer
from zope.sqlalchemy import ZopeTransactionExtension
from pyramid.location import lineage
from pyramid.threadlocal import get_current_registry

import sqlalchemy
from sacrud.action import CRUD
from sacrud.common import pk_to_list, pk_list_to_dict, get_attrname_by_colname
from sacrud_deform import SacrudForm
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker, scoped_session
from pyramid_sacrud.interfaces import ISacrudResource

[docs]class BaseResource(object): breadcrumb = True def __init__( self, table, dbsession=None, name=None, **kwargs ): self.table = table self.kwargs = kwargs self._dbsession = dbsession self.__name__ = name or getattr(self, '__name__', None) @property def verbose_name(self): return getattr(self.table, 'verbose_name', self.table.__tablename__) @property def _columns(self): columns = getattr(self.table, 'sacrud_list_col', self.table.__table__.c) class Column(object): def __init__(self, column): self.column = column def value(self, row): return getattr( row, get_attrname_by_colname(row, ) @property def name(self): return getattr(, 'verbose_name', return list(Column(col) for col in columns) @classmethod def _get_id(cls, obj, json=True): return pk_to_list(obj, json) @property def ps_crud(self): update = self.get_update_resource delete = self.get_delete_resource create = self.get_create_resource() mass_action = self.get_mass_action_resource() return { "get_id": self._get_id, "columns": self._columns, "crud": { "mass_action": mass_action, "create": create, "update": update, "delete": delete, } } @property def dbsession(self): if not self._dbsession: self._dbsession = self._default_dbsession return self._dbsession @dbsession.setter def dbsession(self, dbsession): self._dbsession = dbsession @property def _default_dbsession(self): registry = get_current_registry() engine = sqlalchemy.engine_from_config(registry.settings) session = scoped_session( sessionmaker(extension=ZopeTransactionExtension()) ) session.configure(bind=engine) return session @property def sacrud(self): return CRUD(self.dbsession, self.table, commit=False)
[docs] def get_mass_action_resource(self): resource = MassActionResource(self.table, self.dbsession) resource.__parent__ = self return resource
[docs] def get_list_resource(self, resource): for context in lineage(resource): if isinstance(context, ListResource): return context
[docs] def get_create_resource(self): resource = CreateResource(self.table, self.dbsession) resource.__parent__ = self return resource
[docs] def get_update_resource(self, obj=None): resource = UpdateResource(self.table, dbsession=self.dbsession) resource.__parent__ = self if obj: pk = pk_to_list(obj) for key in pk: resource = resource[str(key)] return resource
[docs] def get_delete_resource(self, obj=None): resource = DeleteResource(self.table, dbsession=self.dbsession) resource.__parent__ = self.get_list_resource(self) if obj: pk = pk_to_list(obj) for key in pk: resource = resource[str(key)] return resource
[docs]class ListResource(BaseResource): title = 'Alchemy view' renderer = '/ps_alchemy/crud/list.jinja2' def __init__(self, table, dbsession=None): self.__name__ = table.__tablename__ super(ListResource, self).__init__( table, dbsession=dbsession ) @property def items_per_page(self): return int( get_current_registry().settings.get( 'ps_alchemy.items_per_page', 5 ) ) def __getitem__(self, name): if name == 'create': return self.get_create_resource() elif name == 'update': return self.get_update_resource() elif name == 'delete': return self.get_delete_resource() elif name == 'mass_action': return self.get_mass_action_resource()
[docs]class CreateResource(BaseResource): _obj = None _form = None title = 'Alchemy create' __name__ = 'create' renderer = '/ps_alchemy/crud/create.jinja2' @property def obj(self): return self._obj @obj.setter def obj(self, obj): self._obj = obj self.form = SacrudForm( obj=self._obj, dbsession=self.dbsession, table=self.table ) @property def form(self): return self._form or SacrudForm( obj=self._obj, dbsession=self.dbsession, table=self.table ) @form.setter def form(self, form): self._form = form
[docs]class PrimaryKeyResource(BaseResource): breadcrumb = False
[docs] def get_primary_key(self): return list(reversed([ x.__name__ for x in lineage(self) if isinstance(x, PrimaryKeyResource) and x.__name__ not in ['update', 'delete'] ]))
def _getitem(self, resource, name): primary_key = self.get_primary_key() primary_key.append(name) pk_len = len(self.table.__table__.primary_key) * 2 if len(primary_key) < pk_len: resource = self.__class__(self.table, self.dbsession, name) resource.__parent__ = self return resource elif len(primary_key) == pk_len: try: obj = except sqlalchemy.orm.exc.NoResultFound: return None resource.obj = obj resource.__parent__ = self return resource
[docs]class UpdateResource(PrimaryKeyResource): __name__ = 'update' def __getitem__(self, name): resource = CreateResource(self.table, self.dbsession, name) return self._getitem(resource, name)
[docs]class DeleteResource(PrimaryKeyResource): __name__ = 'delete' def __getitem__(self, name): resource = DeleteResource(self.table, self.dbsession, name) return self._getitem(resource, name)
[docs]class MassActionResource(BaseResource): __name__ = 'mass_action'
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