Source code for ps_alchemy

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# vim:fenc=utf-8
# Copyright © 2015 uralbash <>
# Distributed under terms of the MIT license.
from import ApplicationCreated
from pyramid_sacrud.routes import resources_preparing_factory
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative.api import DeclarativeMeta

from .resources import ListResource

[docs]def models_preparing(app): """ Wrap all sqlalchemy model in settings. """ def wrapper(resource, parent): if isinstance(resource, DeclarativeMeta): resource = ListResource(resource) if not getattr(resource, '__parent__', None): resource.__parent__ = parent return resource resources_preparing_factory(app, wrapper)
[docs]def includeme(config): config.add_subscriber(models_preparing, ApplicationCreated) config.include('ps_crud') config.include('pyramid_jinja2') config.add_jinja2_search_path("templates") config.scan('.views') # deform config.include('sacrud_deform') config.add_static_view('deform_static', 'deform:static')
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